Best Paragliding Videos – The Gliderhub Selection IX

Someone made a sweet collection of the best – or worst (well, maybe luckiest) landings on video 2014. Funny to watch, but certainly we’re not wanting to honor the pilots by posting their videos here. We think luck is a bad principle and we are big fans of the concept of always having a “Plan B” as a paraglider. There are bold pilots, there are old pilots, but there are no old and bold pilots – like some are saying. Anyway, enjoy the video.

Ueli Kestenholz is a Swiss snowboarding legend. When I started snowboarding, he already proved to the world that he has style like not many others. It’s a great pleasure to see that he’s still doing his things in style: as a speedflying-tamdem-pilot he’s giving  a memorable experience to his blind passenger, Deano. Anybody else wanting to experience speedriding as a passenger can book Ueli here:

Too many pilots have had severe injuries living their passion. An impressive story is shown in this (german speaking) Video, where people in wheelchairs are learning how to paraglide. Highly inspiring! Are you handicapped and wanting to learn how to fly? FLUSO is the place to go.

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