Nepal – flying is dreaming, dreaming is flying

I love mountains – they make me feel small, they make me feel insignificant. And by that, everything I do becomes insignificant. This again makes me feel free, because whatever I do it won’t make a difference to the mountains. They will always be there, quiet, powerful, stunningly beautiful and latest by when the sun disappears merciless – but in a peaceful way. They have always been there, neither water nor the sun could make them less, only different, maybe, a little bit.

As a person who admires mountains, it is a sure thing that one day of my life I will go to Nepal. The Himalaya is beyond anything that we can imagine, mother to the greatest rivers in asia, breastfeeding hundreds of millions of people. As high as we can bear physically, maybe, if the mountains allow us to be close to them, or if they want to, make us part of them forever. I’m dreaming of the mountains, I’m dreaming of the Himalaya. One day…

Paragliding trips to Nepal:

Namaste for feeding my dreams with this fantastic video!


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